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Take the first step on a journey to a rewarding career when you work directly with this trusted recruitment agency in Long Beach, NY. DNG Placement Services Inc has been identifying, coaching, and placing qualified job applicants in rewarding careers for years, and our track record speaks for itself. Our focus on the healthcare industry allows us to help both applicants and employers in this booming sector of the economy.

Employers are often faced with a flood of applications and calls from individuals looking to break into this lucrative field. Their positions must be filled promptly, or the provider may fall short of their investor guidance. Reach out to our team to submit a resume for review today.

Recruiting and Resume Writing

Improve the outcomes at your healthcare facility when you hire qualified professionals that have undergone thorough vetting and coaching to improve the interview process. Great dieticians, social workers, and nurses should never fall through the cracks just because your hiring process has become unmanageable.

A Focus on Job Placement

Our founder started this business to help those in the world of healthcare find the people they need without unnecessary delays. As conditions continue to evolve, your healthcare facility must have the people it needs in place right away. We look forward to beginning a discussion that could lead to better outcomes and greater opportunities for everyone.

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